Lava Meets Sea: Two Color Entry in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival


Lava Meets Sea Quilt Tilted

An online blogger/friend suggested I enter my Lava Meets Sea quilt in the Blogger Quilt Festival on Amy’s Creative Side in the Two Color category.  So even though I’m kind of a new quilter (maybe three years?) and nervous about entering, I’ll give it a try!

Lava Meets Sea Quilt Porch Swing

This quilt was a gift to my best friend and her now husband.  I wanted to use fabric to represent the joining of two hearts, two lives, and two families.  They have six children between them, so their October 5th wedding was as much about the blending of families as it was about their commitment to each other.  I wanted a way to show that differences could work beautifully together.

Lava Meets Sea Finished

I started off with a very different design in mind, but as I thought about what I wanted to show, I realized that a half square triangle quilt in a “diamonds and rings” layout would be perfect.  It allows the colors to flow together without losing their own pattern.  In fact it just makes it stronger, reinforces it.

Lava Meets Sea Quilt Black Binding

I named the quilt “Lava Meets Sea” because when the result is rock solid.  That’s got to be a good foundation for a marriage too, right?

Lava Meets Sea Quilt

So here’s my entry, and I hope you liked it.  If you want to try making a similar quilt, I wrote up some tips about how I made this one.  Thank you so much!



44 thoughts on “Lava Meets Sea: Two Color Entry in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival

    • Thank you! I worried at first with so many shades, hoping it would end up making sense and that I wouldn’t lose the design in all the variations. I tried to be strict about color values as I went along and thankfully it turned out the way I pictured it. :)

  1. sarah, this quilt is just stunning!I love it. I do not like doing HST myself but this tempts me because it is just so beautiful!! great job

    • Hi Kris, and thank you! I really do like HST, I fall back to them over and over. Sometimes I even think of doing another quilt similar to this one to keep, maybe in grays and oranges. It would look like sunrise chasing away the clouds … !

    • Thank you so much! I had a moment of panic — actually sat up in bed at night when I realized color alone wouldn’t hold the pattern, that I’d have to make sure when the reds and blues met that the values were consistent. If the dark red and dark blues were ringing each other instead of dark and light, it would all fall apart. I can’t believe that part didn’t occur to me until I was already working on the quilt! I *IS* clever, it almost outsmarted me! :)

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I love the quilt you have entered, too — especially the way you added in the hand quilting. That was a really nice detail, a personal touch. And I first heard about the quilt festival from you!

  2. Your quilt is simply stunning! There is nothing novice about your quilting – amazing color choices, design and execution – I am so glad you did enter it into the Quilt Festival! What an amazing gift for your friends, bravo!

  3. I love the deep meaning you gave to this quilt. You really thought about it and that is so beautiful. I also love the colours and the gradation you achieved and the blocks you used. It’s a really beautiful quilt!

    • Thank you, Aoife! The design really evolved the more I thought about it. (Originally it was going to be more of a stacked coins quilt, red with accents of black.) I think this fits much better. I try to give myself room to change my mind!

  4. This is an awesome two color quilt. Your eye for design is wonderful. I’m sure your friend and her husband/blended family are head over heels in love with this quilt.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

    • Thank you so much, Queenie! They really do like their quilt, and were surprised to find that different shades of red and blue matched perfectly with different aspects of their home, like it was all supposed to be there. :)

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