Herringbone Shuffle Dining Room Wall


Herringbone Shuffle Dining Room Wall

I finally finished painting my dining room!  (Well, that’s not exactly true, I do still have some touching up to do … but I’m still counting it.)  I used the Herringbone Shuffle stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils, but because we have heavily textured walls I had to trace the stencil with a pencil …


and fill it in by hand with a small paint brush.


It took AGES, but it did allow for a much more random color placement.


The cats are thrilled to be allowed back into the room, and I’m working on a few smaller projects to finish things off, like hanging the curtains, touching up the paint and recovering the dining room chairs with a bright Marimekko fabric that a wonderful friend gave me.

Recovering Dining Room Chairs

I’m finding the chairs difficult to photograph, but there are the first two.  (Please ignore the puppy-chewed spindles on the chair to the right. )   I may also recover the ironing board because it often sits out in this room while I’m sewing.  It should be pretty too, right?


7 thoughts on “Herringbone Shuffle Dining Room Wall

  1. Love it so much! Could also see doing it monochromatic. By the way, are you entering Lava Meets Sea into Blogger’s Quilt Festival? There’s a two-colour category that it would totally blow out of the water.

    • Thank you! I also had the thought that it would look great even in just one color, it would emphasize the pattern even more. I thought about entering the quilt … but I haven’t. I might have to look into it again. :)

    • I’m so glad you like it! I *DO* love it, thankfully, because after all that work it’s staying! :) The lines aren’t perfectly straight, they do wander a bit here and there like you’d expect with textured walls. But in some lovely form of optical illusion, the human eye likes to make straight lines out of the imperfections anyway. I don’t worry too much about exactness either in painting or quilting, I just go with it.

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