Hot and Cold Half Square Triangle Pillow


Time to Quilt

After a LOT of quilting, the second of ten couch pillows has been completed!  This pillow pattern is also from the fabulous book Pillow POP!  I’m used to making half square triangles that use value to create design, but this one uses a difference in warm and cool colors.  I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work out, but I do love the result!

Two Pillows

My pillow forms are a little larger than those used in the book and I also used smaller half square triangles, so the look is a little different.  I also quilted this one very, very heavily, as I expect it to be the one that sits behind my husband most often.  He’s not really gentle with handmade things, so it needs to be tough.  Extra quilting means extra strength!

Hot and Cold Quilting Detail

Hot and Cold HST Pillow

And now my couch pillow project is on pause because my lovely niece has asked for my help in a very worth quilting project.  I think the fabric will arrive this afternoon, so the timing of this finish was perfect!


8 thoughts on “Hot and Cold Half Square Triangle Pillow

  1. So beautiful! And it looks great against the grey of the couch. I’m intrigued by your pillow project.I think I’ll try something similar. As I said to a friend once: I want my living room to look like a rainbow exploded in it!

    • Thank you! It’s certainly adding some interest to the room. I can’t wait to see what you do with the idea! I’m planning to have seven of the large pillows and maybe three somewhat smaller. (The large pillows are too big to use for a nap, but they’re so comfy to lean on.) I’ve picked designs for all of the large pillows but only one of the smaller ones. Check out all the awesome pillows in this group if you want some ideas:

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