An Upcoming Project — Pillows


First, meet Percy. Cute, isn’t he?  Then, see the blue couch to the left of him?  The cushions on the back of the couch are overly “smooshie”, and not in a good way.  They’re smooshie in a “what’s wrong with your couch cushions?” kind of way.  So I have a brilliant plan to replace the cushions with large, colorful, quilted pillows.  I’m starting with this one from the book Pillow POP!  The books is filled with great pillow designs, which will really be helpful as I have a lot to make.  This one drew me in first, Fresh Bloom by Ryan Walsh.

Flower Pillow Top

Recognize the colors from my Lava Meets Sea quilt?  (Yes, there will be a similar pillow in blue.)   One of my daughters noticed that the text fabric is about instructions for making a pillowcase.  Perfect, isn’t it?

But for now I’m back to finishing a quilt top.  Pillows (and the smooshie couch) will have to wait just a bit longer.