Quilt Top Finished


Lava Meets Sea Quilt Top Finished

Finally, the top for Lava Meets Sea is finished!  I still need to drop it off at the quilt shop, but I’m so glad to finally see what it’s going to look like.  With limited floor space and no design wall, I’ve just seen parts of it at a time.  I’m so pleased to see it looks just like I imagined it would!

Lava Meets Sea Backside

While I waited for the sun to go behind the clouds so I could get a better picture, I lifted the bottom of the quilt up to keep the top stitches from having to hold the weight of it.  I even love looking at it like this!  I’ll share more of the story behind this one when I have it finished.


23 thoughts on “Quilt Top Finished

  1. A Beautiful quilt. One of he most original and exciting quilts using value-play and half square triangles (my favorite block!) I’ve ever seen! And I love the lava meets sea concept!

    • Thank you, Harleigh! I’m a big fan of half square triangles, too. You can make fantastic designs from such a simple block, I go back to them time and time again!

  2. Did you use a pattern for this or write it down as you went? If so where can I buy it ?

    • Hi! This isn’t from a pattern, it’s just half square triangles. (There’s a tutorial here: https://coopcrafts.com/2012/01/05/values-half-square-triangle-tutorial/ that shows some of the different patterns you can make just from turning the blocks, as well as how to make the blocks.) When I get the quilt back from the quilt shop, I’ll post more information on the materials I used and the layout, but it’s basically just down to those half square triangle blocks and arranging everything by value.

      • Thanks. I will be looking for the follow up post : ) we’ve been working with half square triangles in our quilt guild and I’m hooked! There are just so many possibilities.

      • As the “avid quilter” mom of Rachel, I’ll be looking forward to your post of the materials and layout. It’s generous of you to share.

      • I think she should, absolutely! :D Actually, the blocks are so simple to make, it really would make a decent first quilt. It only looks complicated, but that’s part of the magic of half square triangles! (But there is a LOT of cutting and pressing.)

  3. I just made my way here from Pinterest and I have to tell you how much I love your quilt. My mom is an avid quilter and I had to show her the pictures of your beautiful quilt! I’m hoping she uses the idea to make me one. :)

    • I’m glad you like it, Rachel! It’s back from the quilt shop and I’m hoping to get the binding done this weekend. If I do, hopefully I can post on Monday with pictures and more details about how I made it.

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