An Ombre Baby Quilt: Ansley’s Diamonds


Ansley's Diamonds Texture

Lucy and Chad are having a baby.  This means that Skylar is going to be a big sister, so when I made a baby quilt, I saved the leftover squares and made a little doll quilt for the soon-to-be big sister.  While Mom takes care of baby, Skylar can be right beside her, caring for her own little beanie baby, or whatever toddlers play with now.

Finished Ansley's Diamonds and Skylar's Quilt

While the baby quilt looks like squares on point, it’s actually made from the exact same hourglass blocks in the doll quilt, just arranged differently.  The tops are pieced from just two yards of ombre fabrics, one in green and one in pink.  I wanted the colors to flow in opposite directions, so it moves from dark green/light pink to light green/dark pink.  I love the effect!  Sometimes it even seems that the colors are “floating” one over the other.  If you want the same fabrics, I used Simply Color by V and Co. for Moda.  (Click the link to view the ombre jelly rolls — someday I MUST get my hands on one!  How gorgeous is that?!  I may need an aqua and gray quilt of my own … )

And oh, the crinkle!

Ansley's Diamonds Baby Quilt

This fabric was a joy!  And now that Ansley’s little diamond quilt is finished, it’s time to move on to new/old projects.  Thankfully, it just never seems to end!


7 thoughts on “An Ombre Baby Quilt: Ansley’s Diamonds

  1. These are gorgeous. I love two color quilts and the ombré fabric works so well here. Well done you!

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  3. This is beautiful! Simply beautiful! I love everything about this quilt! Do you make these to sale? I love quilts… but they cost so much! I would love to have one like this made.

    • Hi, Chaunte! I’m so glad you like it! But no, I don’t sell quilts — mainly because if I charge what it is worth in time and materials, they’d be incredibly expensive. You may want to check to see if there’s a pre-made quilt you like, and there are also many quilters there who will take commission work. (Or maybe you’d like to learn to sew? :) )

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