Over the Weekend …

WVMQG Flags for Boston 2

Our tiny little quilt guild (Lisa, Mary and me) met and connected our contributions to the “To Boston with Love” exhibit that will be displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  This project was sparked by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and has spread to include quilters from all around the world.  Small kindnesses matter, especially when can we add them all together.  I can’t wait to see photos of the flags on display!

Mom's Travel Organizer Bags Collage

And then we celebrated Mother’s Day!  My Mom and Mother in law each got a set of personalized organizer travel bags.  My Mom will be taking a big trip this summer and I’m hoping her bags will get a lot of use.

Kim's Organizer Bag in Progress

I’m getting a little carried away making a set for my best friend now, with some paper piecing, inset zipper pocket and cute quotes.  Then maybe there will be a set for me.  (And then it will really, really be time to get back to quilting.)

Mother's Day Collage

My own Mother’s Day gift was a gorgeous locket, and we took new photos to go inside. I can’t even tell you how crazy I am about these people.  I am well and truly blessed!