Scrappy Organizer Bags


Scrappy Organizer Travel Bags

I’m getting ready for Mother’s Day and I don’t think my Mother in Law reads my blog, so I feel somewhat safe posting here.  (And if you see these before you get them Linda, Surprise!)  My Mom is getting the same thing, but we discussed sizes and so on to best suit her needs.

This set of scrappy travel organizer bags clips/unclips to a ring so you take only the ones you need with you. I made them in graduated sizes, color coded, with mesh “windows” so you can see the contents without having to dig through them all to find something, and I threw in lots of extra little sewing details to make them stronger and a little nicer looking. I even sewed in little travel related quote tags inside the bags as a special little surprise. This is one project I’m definitely going to make for myself, too!  My best friend has been wanting something that will help her store all of her many gadget cords when she travels for work, and I think this would do the trick nicely.

Just in case you sew and want to whip up some of your own, I got the little clips from Natalie and Stacey’s Etsy shop, the mesh is from and the zippers are from the fabulous Zipit Etsy shop.


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