A Retractable Quilt Holder-Upper


As a kindness to my family members, I installed a retractable clothesline along the side of the back porch so they wouldn’t have to stand there and hold quilts up for pictures. I told my husband he could quit working out now, but he says it’s become a habit and he’ll stick with it.

Retracting Clothesline

Retractable Clothesline Binder Clips

It was very easy to install,  not expensive (about $17 with Amazon Prime) and I discovered that quilt binding clips can double as wonderful little clothespins.

Grandma Tell Me a Story Quilt Yard

It works!


4 thoughts on “A Retractable Quilt Holder-Upper

  1. Thank you! I like it best when the trees fill in a little more. With three more quilts in various stages of completion, hopefully this will get some use this summer!

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