WIP: Adding Blue


I made some quilt progress this weekend with lots and lots of half square triangles.  I bought a special template to help speed up the making of all those half square triangles, a skinny little tool called the “Quilter’s Magic Wand”.

Quilter's Magic Wand Tool

Tracing from corner to corner will give you lines to follow for perfect quarter inch seams.  There’s a little line etched into the template to help you match the corners.  Here’s a close up so you can see it better.

Quilter's Magic Wand Tool Macro

I bought mine from Donellefritz on Etsy.

Kim's Quilt Progress Blue

This quilt will be for my best friend who is engaged, and I’m hoping it will make her think of the blending of two hearts, two families and two lives.  I think she’ll understand.


2 thoughts on “WIP: Adding Blue

    • Hi Laura! Yes, they’re Konas. To make it easy on myself, I bought a collection of fat quarters, Hot Spice Colorstory. The blues are from a Colorstory bundle called Grecian Waters.

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