Changed Plans

X & + Pillows for Dad

These started out as blocks for a quilt for my Dad, but after making just a few of them I changed my mind.  The very things I really liked about them, their dark colors and masculine prints, worked against them in the Japanese X & + blocks.  In the well lit photo it’s harder to tell, but in real life they just looked kind of “muddy”.  I was afraid the “X” and “+” parts would get lost in the darker print patterns and it would just be hard to make anything out.

So now Dad is getting a couple pillows made from those blocks as a teaser of the quilt to come, and I think I’ve decided on a simpler pattern of small patchwork squares.  I think Dad will be happier with it, and I think it will really show off the gorgeous Curious Nature prints from Parson Gray.  Here’s hoping!