My New Purse

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QAYG 241 Tote Collage

I just stepped outside and took some pictures in our pitifully weak November sunshine so that my best friend could see my new purse, then thought that I might as well share it here, too.  This was my first attempt at “quilt as you go” and it was just OK.  Not sure if I’ll bother with it again because I much prefer the process of plain old patchwork.  Do you see the inner pocket that expands?  I just learned that with this bag too, and that it’s called a bellows pocket.  There’s always something new to learn!

This bag was made with the 241 tote pattern from Noodlehead.  This is my fourth 241 tote, so you know it’s a great pattern.  (Her pattern taught me inset zippers!  Another thing learned!)

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