Waitin’ and Workin’

Mom's Cross Quilt Top

A month later I’m still waiting on my Tough Chickie quilt to be long arm quilted at my local quilt shop, so as any quilting addict would do I’ve been making more quilts in the meanwhile!  (I’m just wondering though, is a month crazy long to wait for a quilt?  Should I be shopping around?  This waiting really slows me down!)  This weekend I finished a quilt top for my Mom.  I’ll give more details later, but I wanted something really clean and bold for her, and it has to be looooong enough to work for my 6’4″ step Dad, too.  This should do it!  I even got to experience a little 4.3 earthquake while I sewed the rows together, a rarity here in West Virginia.  It all just becomes a part of the quilt’s story, doesn’t it?

Speaking of stories, I’ve just started a quilt that I think I’ll call Grandma, Tell Me a Story.  This one will go to my in-laws.

GTMAS Blocks Start

I’m using A Walk in the Woods and Little Apples by Aneela Hooey.  My in-laws love camping and being outdoors and they have a lot of red and gray in their house, so I think this will work for them.  And although my kids are older (19 and 14), most of their eight grandkids are young enough to want to crawl up in their laps and hear a story.  You’ve got to enjoy those days while you have them, and a quilt helps commemorate that time.

GTMAS Detail

I love the little foxes!

Next up, my best friend has asked me to help her learn quilt binding, so even though there are many tutorials out there, I hope to be sharing my own method mostly so that Kim can follow along easily.  I’ll post that at some point after I get the Tough Chickie quilt back so I have something that needs binding.  (I miss that quilt!)