Stripey Binding, My Favorite


Preview of Tough Chickie Binding

The Tough Chickie quilt top is ready to drop off at a local quilt shop this weekend!  I’ll let them quilt it for me (I’ve decided I don’t want to quilt anything larger than a baby blanket) and I’ll do the binding when I get it back.  Notice the crinkly looking border?  It’s actually textured to look almost like leather, quite appropriate for a Tough Chickie.

Next up, a cross quilt for my Mom.  I’m really looking forward to the calm, open spaces and simple design.

In other news, our kitten cost us a $74 service call charge after pulling wires through a hole in the bottom of our furnace.  Also, tomorrow is our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Yay, us!

4 thoughts on “Stripey Binding, My Favorite

    • Thanks, Laura! I loved making these blocks, so I hope you’ll try it! There’s a lot of room to play with color and value, and each block ends up feeling like an experiment in palates. My Mom visited over the weekend and said the quilt looked “much better in person.” I suppose that’s a compliment, but I hope I can get some photos of the finished quilt that can do it justice!

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