Secret Messages


X & + Quilt Sewing Rows Detail 4

The Tough Chickie quilt top is nearly complete, and it has so many stories to tell already.  It’s a gift for someone who is going through a divorce, so there are some little spots of “grrr” in it, bits of hurt and frustration and grieving, but there are also many good things.  By far, there are many more good things.  I see a lot of hope in this quilt.  Much of it was “planted” there by design, but I do love how this one sneaky little block made a wish all its own.

Made from upcycled men’s shirts no less, this one block threw in a prayer while I wasn’t paying attention, “another for her,” in the text to the left.

Another for Her

Well played, little quilt square.  Well played.  May there be another for her.

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