I’m binding Africa.  That sounds like it would take forever, doesn’t it?  It’s going well so far.

Binding Africa

Maybe I’ve changed mind about how to piece the Dallas Cowboys baby quilt.  Maybe the whole top should be paper pieced stars, and the little flannel squares can be a small stroller blanket.  The bright white of the pieced blocks and the cream in the flannels just aren’t getting along, and I’m thinking of keeping them separated.

WIP: Three Stars

I’m falling behind in the Super Mario Bros. quilt along, but I knew I would from the beginning.

Super Mario Bros Quilt Blocks Four

There’s only so much time, after all.

And my 13 year old cat Aslan is spending a few days at the vet’s office.  Instead of being constantly underfoot, he’s getting some much needed medical attention.


This morning, no one has tried to trip me in the kitchen, and it’s surprising how much a person can miss that.  His tech at the animal hospital tells me he’s feeling a little more like himself this morning.  I asked, “You mean he bit you?”  She laughed.  Yes, that’s right.  Ah, my sweet/mean cat.  Come home and boss us all around again soon.

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  1. I hope your cat is feeling better soon! I love the stars and the prints with them, I wish they would play nice together. Africa is beautiful and I didn’t even start the Mario along but I want to.

  2. Thanks, Erin! We should be able to pick up Aslan this evening. I really miss him! The stars just looks so bright and crisp that the flannels look almost aged beside them. On their own the flannels are great though … so I laid out the flannels this morning to be their own little quilt. This way the baby gets a bonus blanket, so it’s all good! I ordered some Anna Maria Horner pastry line voiles for backing and binding on the flannel quilt, so it’s going to be extra cuddly. (And congratulations again on your baby! I’m so excited for you!)

  3. I’m not a fan of the cowboys, but I am interested in seeing how your quilt turns out. I too was intrigued by that paper pieced star. Never thought of doing it in cowboys colors (probably because I don’t like them). However, I do know some people who like them and maybe they need something like this. Thanks for sharing

    • Those stars would look so pretty in other colors, too! She had examples with Christmas colors, and shades of yellow on a deep blue background would be lovely. I’d love to see yours if you try it, Missy!

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