TWINS! An I-Spy Quilt and a Spectrum Quilt


My friends Desiree and Al just publicly announced Dez’ pregnancy — by showing off pictures of the twin boys, already here!  Now if THAT isn’t a surprise, I don’t know what is.  :)

See, little Frankie and Charlie have two older brothers.  Cole is in college, and baby Gianni is in heaven, looking out for them all.  After the heartbreak of losing their beloved baby, Dez and Al wanted to be very careful with spreading the news of her pregnancy.  I can’t say I blame them at all, and WOW is it fun to see the joy of all their friends!  Love is floating thick in the air, giving all of us goofy grins.  Babies are the most amazing of blessings!

Of course those boys were anticipated, the news was quietly shared, but carefully, carefully.  I often show my excitement by sewing and made two unmatched quilts for the boys.

Twin Quilts

Twin Quilts

One is an I-Spy circle quilt, the other is a spectrum quilt.  Both were designed and personalized just for this family.  On the I-Spy quilt, I threw in patches that would have special meaning in the boys’ lives.  There are a couple patches for the New York Giants, one cropped to look like Gianni’s name.  There are patches of African wax prints brought back from trips to St. Monica’s, a place that brought them hope and healing.  Kanji characters can spark a conversation about their family in China.  Of course there are dogs, because this family is known for their care.  A patch of their home state.   A bike patch for their Dad.  Many colorful patches of random things to look for and learn.  Tummy time should be interesting for Charlie and Frankie!  (There’s a better full view here if you’re interested.)

I-Spy Quilt Detail

Twin Quilts I Spy

The Spectrum quilt has special meaning as well.  After the loss of Gianni, a friend said that the sunrise was Gianni playing with his colors.  I’ve tried to look at the sky each morning, take notice of the sunrise and say a little prayer for their family.   When thinking of quilt patterns for these boys, my first thought was to make a rainbow for their parents — the promise of better days and the lessening of a storm.

Spectrum Half Square Triangle Quilt

The back is an adorable world map that even has a square for Nairobi!

Spectrum Quilt Map Back

Frankie and Charlie, we are so glad you’re here!  Welcome to the world!

9 thoughts on “TWINS! An I-Spy Quilt and a Spectrum Quilt

  1. your quilts are always so filled with love! I honestly almost cry when I read your heart in the stories behind them. you inspire me. : ) thank you for always sharing the story behind the beautifulness!

    • Oh, thank you, Amanda! There’s always a reason when we make something for someone, and if I’m going to spend enough time to make a quilt (or two!) it’s probably a very, very good reason. :) I love it when I can share the why, and I’m really happy that you like hearing about it!

  2. Beautiful quilts, beautiful heart. I know the “love in every stitch” applies here. The careful thought and planning just amazed me at every stage. They turned out sooooo gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the wear they get from Frankie and Charlie. Maybe we’ll even get to see them play on their tummies gazing at the colors.

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    • I’m sorry, Joyce, I just sew as a hobby and sometimes make gifts for friends and family members. Try, there are a LOT of people selling quilts there, and many that will make a custom quilt just the way you want.

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