A Note about Time


WIP: Rainbow Quilt

This is one of those times when the blog is quiet, but I’ve been hard at work on stuff I just can’t show you yet.  I spent a few weeks on a very special project that I hope to share soon, and then there will be a little series of quilts, including the partially finished one above.

Isn’t it funny when you spend weeks or months working on something only to hear, “Where do you find the time?”  You don’t find time, you use it — wisely or not, right?


6 thoughts on “A Note about Time

  1. I love these. Seriously, I might need to make one for my SIL’s son….it could be my “trying new things for May” since today is my last class for the semester. (goes to find sewing machine. ;)

    Thank you for always posting inspiring and motivating posts. I’m grateful to know you.

    • Hi there, Beautiful! This is a really satisfying quilt to make. I’ll post more details when I write up the finished quilt, but the whole top was made just from three packs of charm squares, and the design is really quick to lay out. (If you want details before I can post about it here, just let me know and I’ll share!)

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