Thinking About Paint


Gold Walls

Right now our dining room is painted metallic gold.  The way the gold reflects the light really highlights the wall texture, which I like, and at Christmas the gold is just wonderful!  But I’m ready for a change and thinking of a more neutral paint, maybe with some kind of stenciling done on one wall.  (At least I know all the work I’d be in for after painting our stenciled headboard on another textured wall.)  I am not looking forward to moving all those dishes though, which is one of the reasons I’m still just thinking about painting instead of actually painting.

Do you have a project you’re just mulling over?

2 thoughts on “Thinking About Paint

  1. You are certainly not alone! I’m thinking of painting this on an upcoming three day weekend … but I’m also tempted to just enjoy a little time off. And I think the time off may win! :)

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