Juju’s Quilt


The moment I saw this little quilt by Erica of Craftyblossom, I knew I would be making my own version of it.  It was just perfect — crisp and clean, eye catching yet simple.  And it didn’t take long until I knew who the recipient would be, as my friend Sarah is having a daughter she currently calls Juju.

There’s a lot to like about Sarah, but it can be helpful to focus on one aspect of a person if you want to make her a quilt.  Sarah’s seamlessly blended her very techie family life into their historic Virginia home.  She loves sharing the stories of her community’s past and can give you the best guided tour you’ve ever had.  Taken down to the basics, she just has a passion for keeping the past alive and here with us in the present.

When she and her husband got married, Sarah wore a beautiful white dress.  Around her waist was a bright red ribbon in memory of her Dad.  It was a simple but powerful thing.  With a red ribbon, she tied her past, present and future together on one of her family’s most special of days.  This little quilt is an attempt to help Sarah wrap her daughter up in those amazing memories.

And so we have Juju’s baby quilt.  Here it is pieced, but not yet quilted or bound.

WIP: Juju's Quilt Top

The ingredients, if you’re curious: A charm pack of white squares, two charm packs of Silent Film and Kona solid in Red.  I removed the black from the Silent Film packs.  The darkest gray in the packs, Pepper, seemed dark enough without being harsh.  (It looks black in these photos, and it almost is.)  The backing is Kona in Coal, the darker medium gray from the front.  The half square triangles were made as in this tutorial.

The binding is more of the Kona Red, a ribbon of red like Sarah’s wedding dress.

Juju's Quilt: Binding

And here’s the finished quilt:

Juju's Quilt

Juju's Quilt

Juju's Quilt

I hope that Sarah will have many new memories of Juju and her quilt!

4 thoughts on “Juju’s Quilt

  1. Oh Sarah! It is absolutely beautiful! Juju is going to love it! Your thoughtful post made me tear up. And it’s not just the pregnancy hormones.

    • Sarah, I hope you and Juju enjoy it! The story of your wedding really stayed with me and was a great inspiration for her quilt. I think it will fit nicely into your house, too!

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