Scalemates, States and Unquilted Tops

I had planned to spend a good chunk of the weekend quilting and binding this just finished quilt top:

WIP: Juju's Quilt Top

But sometimes life throws you a surprise, like your daughter asking you to take her to the fabric store.  Seriously!  It happened!  One of my non-crafty, video game playing daughters asked me to take her to the fabric store.  So I dropped everything and took her shopping.

She set up in my crafting space and spent the weekend making Scalemates, cute little dragon-ish things from Homestuck … this thing she reads.  I don’t know.  It’s kind of like we live in the same house but speak different languages.  But thanks to Scalemates, we found common ground.  Here are the two she made this weekend, completely sewn by her own gamer girl hands:


If you’d like to make some, there is a lovely tutorial by Metroidhat.  My daughter actually said “whip stitch” and knew what it meant.  I’m so proud.  :)

Since she had taken over my crafting space, I started something more portable based on this embroidered United States map seen on In Color Order.

Embroidered States of America

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the finished map.  Maybe a quilted wall hanging?  A pillow?

So quilting had to wait, but it certainly wasn’t a wasted weekend!