Floral Cut Chenille Baby Blanket


I love cut chenille baby blankets!  Layers of flannel are sewn into lines across a pretty cotton fabric.  Cut, bound and ready to wash …

Floral Cut Chenille Blanket

it frays up so nicely into a thick froth of chenille.

Floral Cut Chenille Blanket

This style is so easy that it would make a great first quilt for a new quilter, yet it makes a plush, incredibly soft blanket.

Floral Cut Chenille Blanket

This type of blanket is perfect for those fabrics you like so much, you don’t want to cut them up. Show them off!

Floral Cut Chenille Blanket

You can see more about cut chenille blankets here.  In the near future, I hope to make another one of these for a little sports-fan-to-be!

12 thoughts on “Floral Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

  1. absolutely STUNNING! I want to try this for a friend who is expecting a daughter in June. Where would you suggest I get the fabrics from? I’m terrified I’ll screw this up. I’ve never quilted before, and this looks sooo amazing!

    • You can do this! And you can get the fabric just about anywhere. You just want a yard each of a quilting or home decor weight fabric and three coordinating flannels. They’ll hold together pretty well without pinning because flannel sticks to itself (think kids’ flannel story boards), but fabric stores also sell a “quilting spray” if you want a little extra hold. It will hold the fabrics together for you, then wash out when you’re done. If you’ve never tried binding before, this is a blanket that doesn’t absolutely need it. You can do a tight zigzag all around the edges when you’re done with all the lines and cutting, then let it fray up in the wash, too. (Or if you want to bind it and aren’t sure about it, I’ll link you up with the tutorial that I learned from.)

  2. Beautiful and such vibrant colors on this one! I’ve made 2 “lovie” size cut chenille blankets using Asthetic Nest’s tutorial. Ready to make larger size now. You’ve just given me my next inspiration for color choice! Nice job, Sarah!

    • Thanks, Sonya! I hadn’t thought of doing smaller sizes, but I bet little ones would love that! Thank you for sharing, I might have to try that. :)

  3. Love the blankets and your tutorial. Where do you buy your flannel? I’m not happy with what I got from JoAnn’s.

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