Lightning Quilt/Wall Hanging


Lightning Quilt

I started the new year as I intend to go through it — making quilts!  So many things I sew are given away as gifts, and after the flurry of Christmas sewing I was ready to be selfish and make something to keep.  I made this lightning quilt as a wall hanging for our family room to soften up a space dominated by the TV and computer screen.  My eyes need a break from all the technology!  This quilt gives just enough “homemade” to relax me.

If you’d like to try making one, here’s a link to the tutorial on Jenn of All Trades.  It was her first tutorial and she did a great job!  (Leave her a comment and tell her so if you agree!)  It really is a simple design, and she’s explained it very well.  She made hers as a doll quilt with 3.5″ squares, but I used 5″ squares for my larger wall hanging, with fabric strips 2″ to 2.5″ wide for the lightning.  You’ll want them to be a bit wonky, so don’t stress too much about measuring those strips.  Wing it, it’ll look great.

Since this was meant to hang on the wall, before binding I added a couple little “pockets” in the upper corners and across the back.

Quilt Wall Hanging

I had a piece of PVC cut to fit used a couple Command adhesive hooks to hold it up.  (Some of the left over PVC pipe went into another bit of craftiness that I’ll share with you later.)

Lightning Quilt

I might make this design a couple more times.  I have some fabric from Kenya and think this might be a great showcase for it, with a solid cream background and colorful African wax prints as lightning.  (It would be auctioned or sold to raise funds for  This would also make a great baby quilt for a little boy, wouldn’t it?  I’m picturing a dark blue sky with bright yellow lightning.  Don’t be surprised if you see this again!

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    • Hi, Colleen! The black trim on the seams? I’m not sure what part you’re talking about. It’s quilted with orange thread about a quarter inch from all the block seams, then quilted again with yellow thread about a quarter inch from the orange thread.

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