Top 10 Posts of 2011

10.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles Play Mat Quilt

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Play Quilt

This little play mat/quilt was made for my friends Clint and Angela’s boys.  Clint was battling testicular cancer when we came up with this idea.  This post was the hardest one I’ve ever tried to publish, because I didn’t like talking about even the possibility that he might die.  I miss you, Clint.

9.  A Quick, Easy Way to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Framing a Bathroom Mirror

Velcro.  It’s AMAZING.

8.  Dr. Who Fabrics


Whovians want their fabrics!  I’ll be showing you a TARDIS messenger bag soon, I hope, but here’s a little zipper pouch I made with some of the other fabric.  These are large enough to hold a phone and an iTouch, and I made a little stack of them for my kids and their friends at the start of the school year.

7. One More!

Sunrise over a New Bag

I made three of these bags this year.  I got to keep this one!

6.  Sunglasses Case Tutorial

45/365 Embroidered Glasses Case

When I was fairly new to sewing, I was upset that I couldn’t find a sunglasses case tutorial.  So I made my own.

5. Button Monogram Pillow

Button Monogram Pillow

Easy monogram pillows!

4. Snowball Soap

Snowball Soap

This is a really easy to do with or for kids.  Grate Ivory soap, mix in a bit of water and form into “snowballs”.  They’re even better if you hide a little toy inside!

3.  Mom Knows Best

Kim's Checkerboard Tote

Bags made from the Summer 2011 issue of Stitch magazine, designed by Ayumi Takahashi.  This one was for my best friend Kim, and in the post you can see the one I made for my Mom, too.  I love these bags!

2.  Stencil Painted Headboard

Painted Headboard

I still adore this headboard and am so glad for the time I invested in it!  (But it did take AGES to hand paint on these textured walls!)

1.  52 Reasons I Love Him

52 Reasons I Love You

There are many, many more than 52 reasons why I love him, but I was happy to share of few of them!

Thank you for bothering to read my little craft blog, and Happy New Year!