How to Make Your Printer Work on Fabric


Organizer Covers

Did you know that if you iron a piece of fabric to the waxy side of freezer paper, then cut it to regular paper size (8.5″x11″), you can put it through your computer printer?  Well, it worked for me with my Kodak printer anyway, although I did learn to keep my hands on the fabric to steady it as it feeds through after my first attempt jammed inside.  The result is a little grungy looking, as you can see little stripes and smears of ink here and there.  As that’s kind of what I was going for, I’m pretty happy with the look.

These are a couple more of the organizer wallets from my last post.  They are addictive little things, and I’ve found that I enjoy them even more if I get a little creative with the covers.  Having an easy way to incorporate writing makes me that much happier with them.

Being able to print on fabric opens up a whole new world of crafting ideas!  Think about how you can personalize gifts with a favorite quote, scripture or even a private joke, so the recipient will know the gift was made just for them.  If you are working on a handmade Christmas this year, I hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks! I’ve started on another with really heavy embroidery filling in the letters. I realize I could have just traced the letters, but … well, this is a fun way to do it!

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