Xylophone Wind Chime

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I saw a set of xylophone keys on Etsy and thought they’d make a really cute little wind chime.  Here’s how I did it in case you want to make one, too.

I used the xylophone keys, fishing wire, crimp beads, needle nosed pliers, scissors, the top ring from a Mason jar, a purse ring (just because I had it on hand, a key ring would work well, too) and glue.

Xylophone Windchime

Cut off a length of fishing line and feed it through a crimp bead, then through an opening on one of the xylophone keys and back through the same crimp bead.  Use the needle nosed pliers to smash the crimp bead flat.

Xylophone Windchime

Then feed the other end of the fishing line around the Mason jar ring (or other little hoop) and attach it in the same way with another crimp bead.  To keep my wind chime balanced, I used the pliers to make six dents around the Mason jar ring, attached the fishing line securely and then added a dot of glue into the dent as a little extra insurance.   Keep adding the rest of your xylophone keys the same way, making sure they’ll be at the same length so they’ll touch in a breeze, then trim off the excess fishing line.

I cut three smaller pieces of fishing line to hold the purse ring above the Mason Jar ring and act as a hanging loop.  I attached them the same way with the crimp beads and used every other “dent” in the ring to keep them spaced right.

Xylophone Windchime

And now I have sweet music with every breeze!  Wouldn’t these be great made from your own kids’ toys?

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