Wine Cork Trivet

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Wine Cork Trivet

Make an easy trivet out of a handful of wine corks and a dryer vent hose clamp.  Use a screwdriver to “unwind” the clamp as far open as it will go, then stand up wine corks inside the circle.  It helps to use corks that are very close in height to create a flat surface.  I turned mine all in the same direction because I liked the variations in color, but you could switch it up so that each side of your trivet has some color.  Once the circle is full, lift the clamp so that it’s halfway up the corks, then use the screwdriver to tighten the clamp very firmly around the corks.  (Check to be sure you can’t wiggle any of the center corks.)  Ta-da!  Instant trivet, and you have an excuse to buy more wine.  You’re welcome!


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