Framed Key Hooks


Key Hooks

After I saw these framed hooks on Pinterest, I knew I’d do the same thing beside the door to our garage.  I used cheap, mismatched frames, spray painted them to match and attached them to the wall with foam double sided adhesive.  With a coat hook centered in the frame, our keys will always be easy to find, right by the door.  This took just a few minutes but I love the look and the function.

Have you put any Pinterest finds into use?

4 thoughts on “Framed Key Hooks

  1. I LOVE Pinterest and got an idea on how to organize my pantry from the site, among many other great ideas. I try to avoid it many days though because I could play all day on there. Nice craft project Sarah.

  2. aaauugghh this is going to happen in our house! I am currently putting my keys on the part of the lamp that sticks out to turn it on and off…ghetto I know..I have two year old who likes to hide stuff a mom does what a moms gotta do…but this is just genius! :) thanks friend

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