Before and After Budget Makeover: Pillows


This one is pretty self explanatory.  I’m on a budget.  I just painted our family room gray.  I didn’t have any coordinating pillows, but I did have a bunch of stuffing, a gray sweater and a skirt that I don’t wear anymore.

Before and After Budget Makeover Pillows

Before and After Budget Makeover Pillows

Before and After Budget Makeover Pillows

Total cost: $0.  Someday I’ll decide on fabric for curtains and make a few more pillows, but this helps for now!

Hope you have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Before and After Budget Makeover: Pillows

  1. Sarah, I love love this. I am always looking for ways to re-cycle or up-cycle things I no longer use. I am currently creating a quilt out of the uniforms that my son wore while he was in Afghanistan and Irac. I am using the scraps to make something for my mom, yet I am not sure what yet. I am reminded what my great-grandma did when she made quilts and things. So much was up-cycled. They never threw anything away. These are beautiful and inspiring pillows.

    • Oh, I will definitely want to see that quilt, Nannette! I really love that idea, what a keepsake! Isn’t it wonderful when you can make something that will have so much meaning? And it’s even better when you know it’s a free/low cost project that will really be treasured.

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