“Eat” Sign

Pictures Before

While painting our little breakfast nook gray, I realized that the warm colors of these paintings just weren’t going to work with the new cooler palate.  I mulled over what I could do to change them … something cheap, simple and easy to do.  I’m no artist.  Since it’s three panels and it’s in the kitchen, I thought an “Eat” sign would work.

First, I painted over them.  this felt a little sinful.

Painting Over a Painting

Goodbye, happy little house!

Then I used Mod Podge to layer on old phone book pages. I did this to give more texture, and I also wanted the text to peek through the finished signs.

Old Phonebook Pages

A couple more layers of white paint and it seemed just right. Then I traced letters for my sign (I could have printed them, computer issues stopped me) and then scribbled a thick line of pencil lead on the back. I centered the letters where I wanted them and traced them onto the panels. The layer of pencil on the back left an outline I could paint.  (You can see a little more detail of the pencil tracing method in this post.)

"a" Tracing

Then I filled in the letters with red paint and outlined them with black. To give them a slightly aged finish, I lightly sandpapered the edges, then brushed on a coat of brown paint thinned quite a bit with water.

"Eat" Signs

The finished signs are a much better fit and didn’t cost me a thing.

Eat Sign

Breakfast Nook

Now to get to work on to the rest of the kitchen and family room!