Hogwarts Hoodies


Hogwarts Hoodies

When asked what back to school clothes they needed, my daughters both said they had to have Slytherin jackets.  I looked online and found a few I just wasn’t crazy about, and I liked their prices even less.

I kept searching and found Hogwarts patches at the Universal Orlando store, home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Aha!  I realized I could buy patches, iron them onto new hoodies and it would be so much cheaper, I could make three jackets for about half the price of two.  (That means I could have a Hufflepuff jacket, too!  I’m convinced Hufflepuff is the house where all the crafters go.)  Here’s the Slytherin patch and the Hufflepuff patch, and it really was as easy as just ironing them on.  We choose black hoodies for Slytherin and gray for Hufflepuff.  We may add stripes along a sleeve later, probably with fabric paint.

Hogwarts Jackets = Happy Kids
Money Saved = Happy Mom

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