Chalkboard Kitchen Island


The plan is to eventually paint the kitchen island black and the other cabinets white.  (It sounds strange, but I’ve seen other kitchens with dark islands/light cabinets and loved it.)  I think it’s best to replace our counters before painting, but I wanted to have a little fun while I waited for “someday”.  Here’s the island before:

Kitchen Before

(No surprise that our 23 pound cat is eating again.)

I primed the back first with Zinsser’s Cover Stain Primer, which doesn’t require sanding of glossy surfaces.  I swear, I can almost hear angels sing when I get out of sanding something.  Then I layered on a gray primer, just because I already had it and figured it couldn’t hurt when going to such a dark color.  (Phone pic here, sorry.)

Primed Kitchen Island (iPhone Pic)

After three coats of chalkboard paint, and then patiently waiting three days as per the paint can’s directions, I rubbed a piece of chalk all over the paint, then “erased” it to give the entire thing a little coat of chalk dust.  This looks so wrong at first, messing up that perfect black finish.

Chalkboard Paint on Kitchen Island

I do think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this.  I imagine it as a place to leave messages that we can’t miss, since we usually enter through the garage into the kitchen.  Or a new way to decorate for the holidays or express ourselves for important events or just everyday life.  It’s a part of the house that is capable of changing any time we feel the urge.

When I tried to think of a few words it might want to start off with, all I had was:

Chalkboard Paint, Kitchen Island

Bonus points if you understand.  :)

9 thoughts on “Chalkboard Kitchen Island

  1. Elaine, I actually had the thought, “But what about when we sell the house?” And then I realized that’s when I’ll leave out a bucket of chalk and hope everyone wants the house they got to play in. :)

  2. When you sell the house and leave the chalk out there.. you may find that the buyers write the offer on the chalk board! Cute idea! I’m going to steal it!

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