Lunch Totes


Lunch Totes

These lunch bags were made for two best friends: my sister in law the teacher and her bestie, a real estate agent.  Both of them had been carrying their lunches around in plastic bags, which just didn’t do justice to their style and personalities.

I made these using Ayumi Takahashi’s lunch bag tutorial. Ayumi’s tutorials always contain lots of step by step photos and instructions, which has really helped my sewing skills progress.  This is a great pattern to use with a set of coordinated fat quarters.

I didn’t have the vinyl coated fabric she used inside of the bags, so I bought Heat N Bond iron on vinyl to use with my fabrics.  I think I liked this even better than using oilcloth or a premade vinyl fabric because they perfectly coordinated with the rest of the bag.  It’s easy to iron on, sew through and the finished product just wipes clean with a damp cloth.  Perfect for a lunch bag!

Inside Lunch Tote

I used Insul-Bright inside the bags to help keep the contents warm or cold longer.  Insul-Bright is about the thickness of quilt batting, but it has a layer of reflective metalized poly film that resists radiant energy.  It “reflects” the heat or cold back to its source.  It’s easy to sew through too, and it’s machine wash and dry.  I can think of lots of projects I’d like to make with it, so you might see a little more of it in the future!  (But remember “metalized” and don’t put it in the microwave!)

Lunch Totes

I made an extra insulated square that can be put on top of the packed lunch for a little more temperature control.  It could be a little mug rug or coaster to use at work, too.

They loved their gifts and I really enjoyed using another of Ayumi’s wonderful tutorials!

4 thoughts on “Lunch Totes

  1. OK can you make me one with Kitty Cats? I really like them and am tired of using plastic grocery bags to take my lunch to the airport.

  2. Hi, Chris! Unfortunately, I’m so pressed for time lately that I have stacks of sewing waiting for me and I don’t even know when I’ll get back to it! I closed my shop down months ago, it was just too much keeping up with family, work, and so on and then having my own projects pushed aside to make things for the shop. Now I’m spending most of my free time on painting projects around the house. Check on Etsy though — even if you don’t find a shop that has exactly what you want, a lot of people will take special orders and make something custom for you.

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