Graduation Gifts


Monogram Wristlets

My daughter graduates from high school in a few days, and I wanted to give a few of her closest friends a little gift to celebrate.  They’ve stood by her through everything, and as her Mom I really appreciate that.

Monogram Wristlets

Since they’re graduating and moving off in many different directions, I wanted to give them a gift that would remind them of their friends.  Each of them have a similar wristlet, but with fabrics chosen with each girls’ personality in mind.  The same, but different.

Inside Monogram Wristlets

I was able to sneak in a giraffe print, a favorite of one of the girls.  It’s inside, like her own little secret.

I used a mashup of this wristlet by Ayumi of Pink Penguin and this clutch by Anna of Noodlehead, then threw on a monogram just because.

Monogram Wristlets

What girl doesn’t like a monogrammed purse?

While I was at it, I made extra monograms for their gift bags.

Monogram Gift Bags

(The tissue paper is their school colors.)

It’s so hard to believe they’re all grown up!  I hope they’ll stay in touch with each other.  I hope they’ll make their dreams come true, even when they change their minds over and over about what those dreams might be.  I hope they’ll stay just as awesome as they are today.

Watch out world, here they come!

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  1. It is AMAZING how fast they grow! You’ll be going through this before you know it. And I’m betting your kids have great friends like this, too!

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