Refrigerator Pickles


Refrigerator Pickles

I tried the pickle recipe from Scoutie Girl and it’s a hit with my family of pickle lovers!  It’s a very simple recipe with lots of photos, no canning involved.

I’m in a snacking mood so I might try making homemade baked taco potato chips next.  Mmmm!  Got any good recipes to share?  Add a link in the comments if you like!

4 thoughts on “Refrigerator Pickles

  1. Have you ever tried The Pioneer Woman? Oh man, its yum. Not sure how healthy but we haven’t found a recipe that we didn’t like yet. We just had the Beef and Peppers last week, delish! :) We love pickles at our house too, I’ll have to go check this one out.

  2. I’m not a big pickle fan, but those look wonderful! I *may* have to try that. :-)

  3. Let me know if you do, Jack! Jay grew up with homemade pickles and he loves these. They’re a little sweet for me, but still dill, and I think I’ve decided they’re pretty darn good.

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