Works in Progress

Work in Progress

I’m really bad about starting one project while right in the middle of another.  There is an upside though: having a pile of partially completed projects means that I have several things that much closer to being done.  Or at least that’s how I always choose to see it.

This tote bag design by Ayumi Takahashi can be found in the summer 2011 issue of Stitch magazine.  She used brown and cream linens for the circles, and it was lovely, but the Anna Maria Horner voiles I’ve been saving seemed like such a good fit.  As I was cutting out the voile circles last night I told my husband the fabrics were out of my league, just so amazing that if they were human, they wouldn’t be seen with me.  They are seriously soft, light and totally saturated in color.  I hope they’ll be kind to me as I try applique for the first time.

And here’s a phone pic of my other work in progress, a happy baby quilt for a friend who finds herself unexpectedly expecting.

Why yes, I do love squares.

So this is how I’ll be spending my weekend.  What are you working on?