Puppy Quilt


A friend’s sister is expecting her first baby, a boy, and she wanted to give a baby quilt as her shower gift.  As inspiration, she showed me a picture of her sister’s own baby quilt with a puppy theme.  I found a cute puppy blanket kit that we both loved, then I added batting and binding to make it more of a quilt and give it better weight and strength.

Puppy Quilt

I loved the brown and orange, but WOW are minky fabrics and satins difficult to work with!  (I won’t say I’ll never use them again, but it would take some strong motivation.)  But the textures are so invitingly soft, and the minky, satin, flannel and cotton will be comforting and interesting as the baby starts to explore everything around him.

And with some leftover scraps, I made a bonus quilted zip pouch.

Puppy Pouch

It might hold smaller items in the diaper bag, or maybe Mom will claim it for herself.  (I would!)

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  1. I know its been a while since you’ve made this blanket, but I have the same kit, BUT I seem to have miss placed the directions on it, you wouldn’t by chance still have them??? Or maybe remember the brand of the blanket or a website possibly?? Anything might help! Thanks! (BTW it looks really good!)

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