Easy Kitchen Towel Makeover


My new sewing machine arrived this week!  While I wait for a day off so I can really get to know it, I wanted to do a quick, instant gratification kind of craft.  I dressed up plain cotton kitchen towels by sewing on fabric ribbons.

Easy Towel Makeover

Cheerful new towels in a matter of minutes — Win!

I bought the ribbons at M & J Trimming in the garment district in NYC.  Look at this selection!

M&J Trimming

That’s just one tiny little section of the store!  By all means visit them online, but if you ever get a chance to walk into the store, DO IT.  (Yes, I’ll be going back.)

My new kitchen towels make me feel like spring is right around the corner and as a bonus they make me think of a great trip to New York.  And of my next trip, too!

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