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CoopCraft Tag

Custom labels are a great way to “sign” your creations!  Mine were made by Jennifer’s Jewels on Etsy.  I chose from her existing designs and fonts, but she can help you select from even more fonts if you like.

This is a partially completed wrist purse made from Pink Penguin’s  wristlet tutorial.  They’re a little addictive — I’ve made stacks of them!

2 thoughts on “Sign it with a Tag

  1. YAY! I think I finally know what I’m going to to do for my coworkers now!! I’ve been dying to make some kind of “useful” valentine and wouldn’t this just be the CUTEST with an initial on the front??

    Love love love. Now if I can just get my seams as perfect as yours :)

  2. Oh, that’s a great Valentine’s gift, Meghan! I’ve been thinking they might be nice for my daughter’s friends when they graduate this year, too. (Perfect seams are an illusion, they always look better in the pictures than in real life.)

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