Some Ideas Just Don’t Pan Out


I decided I’d love to make a values quilt to hang on the wall in our bedroom.  We don’t have a headboard (shame on us) and we really need some height to balance our huge king sized bed, plus we really could use a focal point.  I love the way a values quilt plays with light and dark, and I especially love the look with the Benartex Fossil Fern collection.  Isn’t it cool?  I set out my pattern on the floor, just to see what it might look like.

And it was good.

But then I started thinking, this is going to hang above our bed, maybe I can sneak a  romantic message into the quilt.  So I played with ideas a little as I made more blocks, then decided I’d try making it into an “X O” pattern.  You know, X for a kiss and O for a hug.  Sweet, huh?  But then I tried it out.

And look.

It’s a fish.

And fish aren’t really all that romantic.  So there goes that idea.

4 thoughts on “Some Ideas Just Don’t Pan Out

  1. that will be stunning however you do it, the contrast is magnificent. Ook, all those pointy corner joins though. Not for the faint hearted!

    • Thanks, lore! I’ve tried to be careful when trimming up the squares so that diagonal line is centered just right. I’m hoping that will make it as simple as just lining up regular patchwork squares, but we’ll see!

    • Hi Amanda! This one won’t be finished for quite a while, I have to drop my quilts for a bit and work on some other projects. Hopefully having a good chunk of it finished will motivate me to pick it back up when I have time. Take your time with yours, you have much more important things to take care of, too! :)

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