Blissed Out Tumbler Quilt


Bliss Quilt

I finished my tumbler quilt!  See how the design kind of looks like a drinking glass shape?  When I decided to make this quilt, I searched online for a template to cut the tumbler blocks.  No joy.  But I did find super simple instructions for making a template using the cardboard backing from the charm squares packs at Moda Bake Shop.  (Thankfully I was using three packs of charms so I had three cardboard pieces.  They cut as easily as the fabric and I was zipping right along!)

This is my fourth quilt, and I keep finding myself preferring the backs.  You know, the side that didn’t take all that work cutting and piecing and pressing, and I keep liking it better anyway.

Back of the Bliss Quilt

I may need to make a very plain quilt to keep for myself.

Fabrics are Bliss by Moda.

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