Patchwork Squares

One of my favorite things about crafting is using little bits of real life, especially happy memories, to create something else.

Like the colored window panes from “The River That Flows Both Ways“, an art installation by Spencer Finch in High Line Park that Jay and I saw on our 20th anniversary trip to New York.

"The River that Flows Both Ways"


They swap out the colored glass over time, so the installation changes much like the river it’s based upon.  When we visited in October it was filled with autumnal tones, but I’ve seen photos of it in blues, greens, and pinks and purples.  I loved this trip, I loved the quirky park and I just stood and stared at the colored glass panes for ages, soaking it all in.  It gave me such a feeling of peace.

And it inspired me to make this.

River Pouch

Not quite as breathtaking, but much easier to tote around.  If you’d like it for your very own, it’s in my Etsy shop!