Window Shopping

I thought I’d share a little window shopping from our recent trip to New York City.  I’m always fascinated by how stores use their windows and facades to present their “personality”.  (And then, because I tend to over think everything, I start translating their approaches into how we try to lure in readers online with the design of our blogs or shop headers … But you’d probably enjoy the windows more than my ramblings about that.)

Many keep it simple, like this sample living room set up in a furniture store window.  After walking for hours, that couch looked good.


Some go BIG, like this gigantic Dior purse.  There’s no way you can walk by without knowing what’s inside the store.  When you realize this is how they chose to cover up construction, you’ll be impressed with their attention to every detail.

Beautifully Concealed Construction

This clever storefront brings the people right into the advertising with a live shot of Times Square displayed on a billboard.

Live Forever 21 Sign

(My husband and I are seated at the little red table at the bottom middle of the sign.)

Every time we went by, we saw people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sign.  It certainly attracted attention, but I wonder how many of those people fought traffic to cross the street and shop?  Or did they just stare at themselves for a while and then continue walking?

Tourists Watching Themselves on the Forever 21 Sign at Times Square

The Lego store shows just a peek of a color to draw you in.  Is that a snake?  A dragon?

Lego Store!

Go in the store and follow the trail, you’ll be rewarded with a big smile.  And an awesome Lego replica of Rockefeller Center.


But my favorite may have been at Diesel.

I Resisted

I managed to resist.

"Come In and Be Stupid On TV"

I didn’t spend any money, but I did laugh.