Sushi Roll Scarf

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Sushi Scarf and Takeout Box

Want a cute gift to put in your Chinese takeout gift box?  How about a Sushi roll scarf?

This scarf can be made in any stitch by even a newbie to knitting or crochet.  Decide what “ingredients” your sushi roll should have, then choose your colors.   Start with your interior colors and just start making rows.  Roll your scarf up every now and then, and switch colors when you feel your filling looks right.  You’ll want a little more white for the sticky rice, then black or very dark green for the nori.  (I used size 7 needles, 19 stitches per row with a moss stitch and some basic cotton yarn, but make yours to your own tastes.  You can’t really be wrong with this one.)

Unrolled, it doesn’t look like much of anything at all.

Sushi Scarf On

So maybe it’s like super secret sushi to keep you warm.

Sushi Scarf in Takeout Box

Should have bought some cute chopsticks to tie on top the box for a finishing touch.  Next time, maybe!

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