My Mojo Shirt

It's so hard to take pictures of yourself sometimes ...
I made my Mojo shirt last night!  Man, it’s hard for me to take pictures of myself sometimes.  This was taken in the bathroom mirror, but hopefully it’s good enough to at least give you an idea how the shirt turned out.  (It’s actually centered well on the shirt, in spite of how it appears here.)

This shirt was made with a phone picture altered to crop right around Mojo, then made black and white.  This was done partially because you could still see the green grass around his toes, but I preferred how it looked anyway.  I bought T-shirt transfer paper and just printed the picture reversed on a full-page.  It was easy to iron on to an old tank top I already had, and within minutes I had my very own Mojo shirt.  The transfer is a little “slicky”, but the instructions promise it will feel softer after it’s washed.

Mojo was very excited about the entire process, but he’s excited about everything, as puppies are.  The real test was when my husband saw it, smiled and asked me to make one for him, too!