Beer Pong T-Shirts

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Team Wilson Beer Pong Shirts

Sadly, we are unable to attend the Wilson 1st Annual Wold Cup Beer Pong Tournament.  The “Uniforms Welcome” added to the bottom of the invitation sounded like a challenge though, so I made these for the hosts. (Forgive me, crafty Meghan, I appliqued with fleece instead of the cotton you recommended.  I know you were right, but I just couldn’t resist a plush red Solo cup!)

I hope everyone has a great time and GO TEAM WILSON!!!

One thought on “Beer Pong T-Shirts

  1. HA! (I’m way behind on my blog readin’). I LOVE IT. And fleece would be fine, I think I was more concerned about felt. Felt would have gotten all wonky and misshapen in the wash. They are amazing, as always!!

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