The Motivation Behind a Purchase


Six Pack of Drinking Glasses

Behold my new drinking glasses: Recycled, reclaimed and as green as can be!  I wanted something a little different and needed skinny glasses that would fit one section of our dishwasher where our bigger glasses can’t go.  I found several shops in Etsy that fit the bill, but I chose NickPaul‘s after reading this at the top of his shop:

I apologize but my store will be down for the month of May. I will be leaving for Europe were I plan to ask for my wonderful girlfriend’s hand. I started this Etsy account with the hopes of raising a little extra money. and wow……Etsy Rock’s and so do the people that make up this awesome community.

I want to thank Etsy for helping make this happen.

I could have bought recycled glasses from any of several different shops, but only one of them told me he was using his earnings to surprise his girlfriend and start their new life together.  Knowing the story behind them makes my glasses sparkle just a little bit more, I love them.

No matter what your business, keep this in mind.  Customers appreciate knowing that you are good at what you do, but sometimes knowing why you do it makes all the difference.

Our New Drinking Glasses Just Arrived

With our first drink we’ll send out a wish that she says yes!

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