The Bite Me Purse

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The Bite Me Purse

I’ve fallen in love with using reclaimed bed linens to create purses.  After years and years of being laundered, they’re incredibly soft, very different from working with crisp, new fabric.  The patterns are sweet and old fashioned, and how wonderful to be reusing fabric for a different purpose!  No more hiding in the closet — as a purse these soft florals can be proud of their eco-friendly, green, repurposed selves!

But as I was creating the very first of my “linen closet purses“, I realized it is so much more feminine and romantic than my usual style.  Maybe it even looked a little “Grandma”.  Then I decided I didn’t care.  Bite me.

The Bite Me Purse

How wonderful to be able to express yourself!  I love crafting. :)


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