Warm Eye Pillow for Sinus Relief


Warm Eye Pillow for Sinus Relief

We’re passing head colds around at my house, and my husband has an especially bad one.  Last night I made an eye pillow for him.

To make your own, cut fabric about 9″ by 5″, sew three side, fill about halfway with rice and sew the open end closed.  In just a few minutes, you’ll have an eye pillow that can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer.  To heat, put it on a small plate and microwave for about 30 seconds.  Flip it over and heat about 30 more seconds.  (Your microwave may take more or less time.)

Then lay down and place the heated pillow over your aching sinuses.  The rice conforms to the shape of your face, providing blessed relief to sinus pain.  (It’s also pretty handy for muscle aches.)

I think I need to buy some flax seeds and lavender to make another eye pillow for those times when I want to sleep and he wants to keep watching TV.

2 thoughts on “Warm Eye Pillow for Sinus Relief

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I just looked at all the adorable things that you’ve made, and must say that you are a very creative and talented person. Love those purses too!! I’ve made a few purses myself & have given them all away.
    I’ve also made a ton of “corn bags” too! Maybe more than 100 of them. I made some rice bags but didn’t like the smell of them after they were warmed up in the microwave.
    I just took a class on “Needle Felting” last Saturday, and have bought some bags of fur, needles and foam, and have started making a few things, but just happened to come across Susie Blackmon’s site with the felted donkey on it that she made and I wrote to tell her how adorable it is, and that I have an umbrella cockatoo, and would love to make a ‘felted’ UC…..and asked her where I might be able to find patterns or instructions to make something like this and she gave me two links to check out…..yours and Etsy’s website. Have just looked at hers too. She also has some neat stuff. I may write to her too and ask if she might lead me in the right direction !!
    Sounds like you keep yourself busy too, which is good. I am a retired R.N., who have been crafting all my life. I have two grown children and 10 grandchildren. Would love to hear from you. Your pic is great! You look so young. Would give my eye tooth to have hair like yours!! LOL….Mine is short and very fine, but have always loved long hair.
    Must run and have breakfast now.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Very nice to meet you, Barbara! Susie is amazing, she finds all the best stuff and knows just who to share links with – I’m honored that she thought you’d like to see my site! :)

      I’ve needle felted just a few things. It’s rewarding to watch something take shape out of just a poof of wool, but I do tend to jab my fingers. Those needles are SHARP, be careful!

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