Sunglasses Case Tutorial


While making purses, I’ve decided they deserve soft little accessories to go along with them.  I was surprised how hard it was to find a simple sunglasses case tutorial and just decided to make my own.  So there.

You’ll need four pieces of fabric cut to 8″ by 4.5″, or larger if you favor big Jackie O shades.  I used plain black for my lining pieces, a Michael Miller print on the back and embroidered these for my fronts:

Embroidered Glasses Case Tops

I totally dig these, if I do say so myself.

Iron fusible fleece to the backs of the exterior pieces to pad and protect your glasses.  Then sew the two exterior pieces, right sides together, leaving one short side open.  Clip the corners and turn right side out.

Then sew the lining pieces, right sides together, leaving about a three inch opening along one long side and again leaving one short side open.  Leave the lining inside out and slip the exterior (right side out) inside the lining.  You may want to use a ruler to help push the exterior all the way into the lining.

Ready to Sew

Sew a seam all the way around the top opening of the case, remembering that you’re sewing an opening — sew around the top, don’t sew the two sides together.

Then reach in through that handy opening you left yourself in the lining and pull out the exterior.

Turning Right Side Out

While you have the lining right side out, but still outside of the case, stitch the side opening in the lining closed.  Slide the lining into the case and top stitch around the case opening.

45/365 Embroidered Glasses Case

Enjoy your lovely, handmade glasses case!

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